Flying in the Bahamas
Nowhere else are flying conditions as marvelous as they are on the Bahamas!

The sky - as free as you can imagine. Over 700 islands! Nearly every day excellent weather to fly over the wonderfull colors of the envirometly healthy archipelago of the bahamas; in the middle of unspoiled nature with it's typical happy kindness.

The Attractions and Airfields of the Bahamas:
20 islands provide approximatly 40 legal airfields. The islands attractions are in each case in the immediate vicinity: beaches, settlements, hotels, historical sights, animal world, etc.Nearly all airfields are equipped with an Unicom(frequency 122.8 for other frequencies see Pilotīs Guide).about one third of those have a Port of Entry status. A few got an "Advisory Traffic service"/NDB/VOR.

Good sight allows simple navigation. At the briefing you get valuable hints. The Pilotīs Guide all planes are equipped with is a must.

For flights in the USA and the Bahamas you need a US-licence and a transfer is necessary

We recommend to contact the FAA in Florida:
Adress: 1150 Lee Wagener Blvd. #201, Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33315, USA, Businesstime: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 0800 to 1600. Phone: 954-359-7526. Bring along: pilotīs licence, flight medical and passport. The transfer is free but you have to make an appointment

Checkflight happens in Stella Maris
Price is $70 in the USA. Additionally the settlement of accounts follows the "Hobbsmeterdisplay" plus $25 for the Check-out Pilot. In case of carrying out in STELLA MARIS: Flightprice follows "Hobbsmeterdisplay", Check-out free.

Range of action:
- Bahamas
- Turks & Caicos Islands and South-East Florida after arrangement.

The STELLA MARIS Resort Club and itīs Ft. Lauderdale-Office will help the STELLA MARIS-flighttourist all time and in EVERY case (you donīt have to feel uncomfortable about the Check-out and other Formalities... where Help is necessary, you will get it quick!). The STELLA MARIS-enterprise have experienced Florida/Bahamas - pilots at their disposal. They help every pilot with active assistance and hints.

Port of Entry: NDB 526   AV-GAS ca. $3.30/Gal.
Transfer (ca. 1 Mile to Hotel) Taxi $2.50 Person / Way. ca. 10-minutes on foot.
Flightpackage incl. Hotel Stella Maris Resort Club


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