Pilotīs Rest

Ever thought of leaving all your stress and duty behind? Well, Pilot's Rest is the perfect place for you.
Pilot's Rest lies on top of a hill, surrounded by a wounderful landscape filled with palm-trees and an unrestricted on the atlantic ocean (beautiful sunrise), where you can smell a fresh breeze of the caribean sea.

You won't have any direct neighbours, so you can enjoy the island as itīs best. In walking distance (about 10 - 20 minutes) are a tennis court, a swimming pool, a store and the hotel complex "Stella Maris" (which has a variety of leisure activities and a restaurant and a bar as well)

Quiet and empty beaches are wide-spread - the nearest only a 5 minutes walk away from Pilots rest.
To explore all beaches of the island (like the famous beach at Cape Santa Maria ) you can rent a car or a motorcycle.

The villa consists of a generous sleeping and living room, a garden with a BBQ-grill area and a adjacent apartment. You will find everything needed for a comfortable stay in Pilots Rest. With the well equipped kitchen you can easily cook your cought (or bought) fish.

Available are 2 differend kinds of apartements: the villa with 2 bedrooms (
Photo) or the apartment with 1 bedroom.

from $25 per person/day

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