Fishing in Paradise  
The Special Fishingtrip

Fishing in the Caribean Sea is something special: Light-Tackle and Rift-Fishing with artifial or nature bait will become an outstanding experience for you. Barracudas, Jacks and all sorts of Riftfish like delicious Grouper and Snapper will be on your hook.

Boats with or without guide for Bonefishing are also available - After your first struggel with these fighters you won't ever stop Saltwater-Fishing.
Even without a boat you can fish offshore. In the flats you will catch Bonefish during all seasons.
Daily catch of 15 to 20 fishs about 2 to 12 pounds is possible during all seasons.
Beginners in Saltwater-Fishing should get advice from a guide for the first couple of days.

Big Game
Trips can easily be organized. Due to the Northequatorialstream, which passes Long Island, swarms of Blue- and White Marlins as well as Sails, Rainbow Runners, Thuna, Dolphins and Wahoos are most likely to be seen in the fishing area..
Airport, yacht-harbour, divingbase are in close range. Rental Cars- and Motorcycles and bikes are also available.
In the evening you can relax from your trips in a great selection of restaurants and bars.

Please ask for more details!

The Out Islands - The Best Time to Catch


Type Where Found Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Blue Marlin Offshore O O G G E E E G F O O O
White Marlin Offshore O F G E E G F F F F
Sailfish Offshore F F G E G F F O O F F F
Swordfish Offshore F F F F G E E E E F F F
Dolphin Offshore F F G E G F F G G G F F
Wahoo Offshore/Reef E E E F O O O O O F E E
Kingfish Offshore F F F F F G G F F F F F
Mackeral Offshore G G E E F F F F F F F F
Yellow Tuna Offshore O O E E E F F O O O O O
Blackfin Tuna Offshore F F F F G E E F O F F F
Bluefin Tuna Offshore N N O G E G N N O N N N
Bonefish Flats G/E G/E E E G/E G/E G/E G/E G/E G/E G/E G/E
Permit Flats F F G E E E E G F F G G
Amberjack Reef F F E E E E E E F F F F
Grouper Bottom/Reef E E G G G G G G G G G G
Snapper Offshore/Reef G G G E E E E E F G G G
Barracuda Anywhere G G G G G E E E G G G G
Shark Anywhere G G G E E E G G G G G G
G=Good F=Fair O=Occasional N=None